From your idea
To reality
Potsdamer Square

2500 doctors, network dinner in streetart style, club party


2500 doctors, international congress, roof exhibition + tent city

East Side Gallery

200 guests, meeting with the artists, talks about Fall of the wall


50 guests, streetart tours in small groups, backyards, facades


500 french guests, gala dinner and french comedy show

Humboldt Forum

50 guests, private tours and exclusive lunch in the roof terrace restaurant


200 guests, time travel across the Spree, meeting with Angela Merkel-(Double :-))


80 guests, financial congress, private breakfast with lectures

Berlin Cathedral, Kaiserloge

80 guests, private concert on world-famous Sauer organ


40 guests, trade fair and incentive, trade fair visits and gala dinner in the castle, city tour with exclusive surprise concert in a church


5 guests (BASF), gala evening in the famous Zwinger; interactive theatre with noblemen from the time of Augustus the Strong  


50 guests, bank executive France, from Ebbelwoi to fine dining, old-timer tour of the castles and palaces in the area


40 guests, palace tour with Prince Pückler as historical guide


140 guests (incentive): wine harvest with the guests, wine a year later as an invitation to the follow-up event, gala evening, sparkling wine cellar tours, private tour of BASF plant railings


140 guests (BASF), walking brass band through the city to the historic town hall hall, where guests recreated Nuremberg out of gingerbread


160 students from France, business school, meeting and incentives, evenings on the beach of St. Pauli, harbour tour, fish rolls and tour in VW Bullis


20 guests, private helicopter flights over Cologne, ice hockey world championship in a private box, on the roof of Cologne Cathedral; beer, roast pork and German customs on a private boat trip on the Rhine


40 guests (Mercedes, Brazil): Porsche Museum, city tour, five-day programme with simultaneous translations.

Munich & Neuschwanstein

50 guests from Brazil, with carriages to the castle, private tour; Munich with beer tasting, BMW tour and private tour of the royal castles Residenz and Nymphenburg


150 guests (Congress ICEFAT), 20s party with Charleston workshop, casino with gaming tables and conferencier, belly-shop girls