Sustainability is hip. We can modestly claim to have already acted sustainably when we were not even talking about the term. In concrete terms, this means, for example, planning resources carefully in advance, not using too much material through good organisation and preparing travel routes logistically wisely. In addition, the social component is very important to us. How do we treat each other? Internally, within the company; externally, with you, our client, but also, for example, with the urban community. We cultivate a communication that sees the individual and thinks of the group. We see it as our duty to demand respectful treatment from ourselves and from our environment. This social, let’s call it: human sustainability is not just an empty word for us, you will experience as our guest.


Achieve extraordinary things together, grow even closer together and have fun. Our teambuilding events will inspire you and your employees and you will be excited about yourself. Embedded in city history, culture, creative cuisine, rallies, workshops, competitions, sports, tastings and much more, our teambuilding ideas take you to extraordinary places where you do extraordinary activities. Let’s make it unforgettable!


The term event can mean anything. And we would like to offer you all of this. We organise distinctive galas, cultural highlights, festivals, shows, day programmes, events and trips at unique locations in Berlin and Germany that cater to your wishes or surprise you with something extraordinary. And what do you have to accomplish? Simply enjoy… Let’s make it unforgettable!


We bring you close to the heart of the cosmopolitan city of Berlin, the beauty of Dresden, the flair of Munich, the culture of Hamburg. Or the Cologne Cathedral? The unique Wadden Sea? The breathtaking Saxon Switzerland? Stop! In short: with us you will experience the culture and beauty of Germany in a remarkable way. You can expect reliable transfers, special hotels, great restaurants. We look after you and your guests exclusively and exquisitely. And of course we discreetly take a back seat to your agency. Let’s make it unforgettable!


Every company benefits from and is happy to have loyal and motivated employees. With the help of our incentive ideas, you can show the appreciation you have for the people in your company in a spectacular way. Discover with your team the vibrant Berlin, the most beautiful sides of Germany and the most exciting cities in Europe. After our joint journey full of culture, fun, sightseeing highlights, gastronomic experiences and inspiring encounters, you and your employees will work even closer and better together. Let’s make it unforgettable!